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Doyle was a high school star
Everyone thought he would go real far
But he didn't get nothin' from the classes he took
You know he just wasn't interested in his books

Amy was the smartest girl in school
Not very popular, not very cool
Two kids would be chosen from Earth
To go to school at Galaxy High

Travelling millions of miles through space
Going to school in a far-out place
Amy is the sweetheart, Doyle's got a lot to learn
Here at Galaxy High

A very entertaining and stylized Saturday morning cartoon from the 1980s, shown on CBS in the United States. Nearly unique among cartoons those days in that it had absolutely no merchandising tie-ins whatsoever.

Just like the theme song states, it starred Amy (a bookworm on Earth, popular friend at Galaxy High) and Doyle (vain jock here, victim of bullies and desperate teachers there) as the only human teenagers in an extraterrestrial high school which, despite being filled with brightly-colored aliens, was pretty much like every other TV high school -- filled with bimbos, jocks, boring teachers, bullies and their toadies, gossips and prom queens, and so forth. Good Saturday morning fare, just bizarre enough to keep you entranced until the Chocolate Frosted Sugar Bombs kicked in.

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