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Game Dungeon or Ross's Game Dungeon is a video game review series created by Ross Scott and available on his site and Youtube. Game review shows are a dime a dozen as they have a wide appeal and it takes little skill to string together game play footage and dub boring commentary over it. Several shows still manage to do good work but the inherent extreme subjectivity of reviews combined with the number of factors involved mean that finding something worth watching is a chore. The Game Dungeon side steps the whole issue by functioning less like a typical review show and more like the gaming equivalent of Ripley's Believe it or Not.

Ross is witty and insightful in a way that I find hard to put into words. I don't mean that he's super duper witty and insightful but that his wit and insight are unique enough that I can't compare him to anyone or even try to explain it in terms of components or habits. For the most part the games featured on the Game Dungeon are either plain bad or at least very flawed. Yet they're presented in such a way as to make their flaws interesting. The show mostly features older games including some DOS games, but also includes MMOs, a few browser games, and some newer games. What you don't see is titles that have had a lot of coverage. The one exception to this is Deus Ex which got a really interesting treatment you can watch here, but it's pretty long. If you want a quick introduction to the series this episode is about eleven minutes long and representative of the series.


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