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When Witchiepoo moved away, my one intellectual friend was gone. Lee was smart, but she only really wanted to talk about boys. Where they lived, what they wore, how much they liked her, how much money they had, what they did for a living, what they majored in, and how to acquire them. Witchiepoo was uninterested in this. She had a good boyfriend, good taste in music, and other good friends. When Witchiepoo moved out of Lee's parents' house, Lee stored her personal belongings until Witchiepoo could come get them. Instead of simply storing the items until Witchiepoo asked for them, she held a garage sale of her belongings. That is a story for Witchiepoo to tell.

Once she was gone, however, there was another garage sale of sorts. This one held no prices, and was just the process of Lee discarding her feelings. They would be cast off here and there, in dusty corners like a snake would shed its skin.

"You know, I'm glad she's gone, she was such an intellectual snob."
"She always thought she was better than everyone else".
"Her writing wasn't that good."

I think this was Lee's way of rewriting the past to fit her needs.

Lee Stories

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