Sometimes non-hockey playing women wear garter belts to keep their stockings up. Nowadays, with the wide availability of elastic, garter belts are not necessary and tend to be worn more for their aesthetic rather than their functional uses.

How to make a grown man cry- tell him that
(see above) "garter belts are not necessary."

Not necessary??
Are Christmas lights necessary?
Are silly slogans on T-shirts necessary?
Are scented candles necessary?
My God, man, there is more to life than what is necessary!

OK, whew

Now, simple test- ask ten heterosexual men you know what the word "garter belt" means to them. Count the number who smile or blush. See if any of them use the word unnecessary in their answer.

thank you very much

Garter belts are starting to come back into play. Since I wore one to prom last year, three of my close friends have gone out and bought them. More are getting them in my area. Of course, they're ideal for formals because dresses are usually long. But not for everyday use...

The main problem with them was the only reason nylons were invented; because short skirts and stockings don't mix :/. Shortly after miniskirts were created and people were brave enough to wear them, suppliers realized that they needed something to replace garter belts. In came nylons in outlandish colors with outlandish prices. They were accepted as a vital accessory to the miniskirt look. Nylons stole 95% of the garter belt's business in the ensuing years.

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