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An absurdly long road named after Richard Garvey, a former United States Army mail carrier who purchased much of the lands that consist of modern Monterey Park. It used to consist of the routes of US Highway 99, 60, and 70. Originally its eastern head somewhere around the the West Covina, Pomona area (As of today, it just dead ends near the freeway), near the Kellogg Interchange and its western head at the border of Los Angeles and Monterey Park where it ended at Ramona Boulevard (There are still some traces of its glory days, namely 3 1950s style hotels right next to each other near the intersection). For the most part it has become a frontage road paralleling Interstate 10 a lot of the way. It is particularly confusing in certain portions such as West Covina where the road breaks off and meanders through residental areas before returning to the interstate. However, it still remains an important route around Monterey Park (Where as of September 2001, they are doing construction/beautification work on the road), and El Monte.

The only roads that might be longer in Los Angeles are Valley Boulevard or Wilshire Boulevard.

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