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Gas Station Love Story

By Metacognizant

were making eyes at me
all the while I was stranded
at the gas station in the cold
american winter of plastic
holiday fanfare and a language
in which we barely could converse
was a pretty face
responsive to your disingenuous smile
chest made shapeless by the big blue coat
that presaged my blue haired aspirations
soon to be free from the small minded high school
in which I had made myself alien

And if you had a girlfriend
it was lost on me
And if you were a rapist
it was lost on me
And if you were a liar
it was lost on me
I just saw you as another floating mind

have gone away
in the car where strange familiar
Spanish music belted out sweet claims of
what could be nothing but undying
love, much the sort as never really was
in my cold cautious world
stayed behind not knowing
that I loved you for an hour although no one
sang the song on the soundtrack of my life:
I love you like I have the others
But through the day and night I wonder
Is my ardor firm and true
And do you lie, or love me too

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