A gas station attendant is someone who works on the forecourt of a gas station. This is what someone speaking American may call a petrol station. The typical duties of the attendant are to:

It is not unusual for the attendant to be low paid, but on the other hand it's quite normal to offer them a tip for their services.

Actually, most gas attendants in the US don't actually pump your gas for you - almost every gas station here is self-serve now, with the glaring exception of Oregon and New Jersey.

Oregon's state government (have no idea about New Jersey), in an effort to provide more lower-mid level jobs, passed a law a few years ago that required that all gas stations were full-service, which meant that all gas stations had to staff more people to reintegrate full service, which includes gassing up customer's cars. It's a strange way to try to stimulate the economy, but ... I guess ... whatever floats your boat.

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