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Midway's taken last year's Gauntlet Legends a step further.

Gauntlet Legends, based on the classic dungeon crawl series Gauntlet, was one hell of a well-made arcade game. One of the few arcade games out there whose multiplayer focus was teamwork, not insert coin to attempt to kick the other guy off.

Now they're back with a brand new game. Gauntlet Dark Legacy.

Well, 'new game' might be a bit of a misnomer. True, the original four classes (Warrior, Valkyrie, Wizard, Archer) are back, as well the original four worlds (With items shuffled around, of course). But, now they've added four more classes (Dwarf, Knight, Sorceress, Jester), each with slight differences to the original four; and four more worlds (Province, Ice, Sky, Dream), each loaded with all sorts of treasures, powerups, and whatnot.

The gameplay is the same as before, classic Gauntlet action. You run in, you hack and slash your way to the exit, grab as many powerups and as much gold as possible, and hope you survive. Simple, right?

Just like Gauntlet Legends, though, there's a few things standing between you and the exit of each level. Namely, hundreds (yes, literally hundreds) of enemies, cruel traps, death, and twelve runestones you need to find to beat the game. And in Dark Legacy, they're back in force. And death isn't content to steal your life. Now he steals your experience levels.

If you liked the original Gauntlet Legends, yes, you'll love Dark Legacy. More of the same good ol' fashioned hack and slash action. If you didn't like the original, you won't like this. More of the same good ol' fashioned hack and slash action.

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