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A followup to the classic Gauntlet games, in this 1998 Atari Games arcade machine, this game is similiar in play to the original. Up to four players at a time can explore the different worlds, face hordes of monsters, search for treasure, avoid traps, pick up and use magic, and make their way to the exits. In addition, players also have to contend with boss enemies, solve puzzles, discover power-ups, and follow the stroyline. The game has four worlds and each world has a different boss enemy: the Dragon, the Djinn, the 3-headed Chimera, and the Spider Queen.

The main object of the game is to defeat Skorne. To reach this enemy, you must collect all four keys, one from each boss enemy. The players must also collect all twelve Rune Stones that are hidden throughout the four worlds. After Skorne has been defeated, the game ends.

Like the original, the four characters in game each have different limitations. The Archer is the fastest and her beginning status is Strength 200, Speed 600, Armor 200 and Magic 350. The Warrior is the strongest and his beginning status is Strength 500, Speed 300, Armor 300 and Magic 200. The Valkyrie is the toughest and her beginning status is Strength 300, Speed 400, Armor 500 and Magic 250. The Wizard makes the most magic and his beginning status is Strength 200, Speed 400, Armor 100 and Magic 600.

Each character also has a different experience levels:

As an interesting technical note, this game actully uses a 3dfx voodoo 2 chipset for it's 3d graphics.

If there is only one reason to visit an arcade nowadays, this is it. Gauntlet Legends.

Not too many remakes of classic games capture the same thrill of it's original counterpart, but GL fits the bill nicely. Combining the same "Kill everything" mentality of the original with amazingly stunning graphics, Gauntlet Legends has all you can ask for and more.

The simplicity of the original Gauntlet series is still here: You have to find your way out of a maze using keys, secret passages, and switches. In your way are hordes and hordes of enemies, endlessly reproducing themselves from generators painfully spread around the gigantic, menacing levels.

This time, however, Gauntlet goes outside of the dungeons of Gauntlet I and II and into much more interesting locales. A few rounds in the outside mountain levels will leave you begging for more, and GL delivers it.

One of the more fascinating things of the original versions of Gauntlet was the booming voice that informed you of conditions, status, information, etc. Now the voice has been beefed to include all sorts of happenstances, including the very fun "Red Wizard, insert coins to regain health", followed by "Red Wizard, insert coins right now!".

And the gameplay... nothing could beat the old "Hordes and hordes of monsters" gameplay of the original. Until now. Even beefed up with polygonical looks and detailed appearances, you can still expect to see 30-50 ugly creatures staring you in the face, waiting to try to tear you to shreds. It's a wild blast.

Go to an arcade right now. Play this game. If you have an N64, get it there, too, since it's got new levels, changed levels, and realtime lighting effects. And it's just curious fun to watch a bunch of complete strangers suddenly jump into a game of GL at the arcade and somehow work together. Gauntlet Legends does NOT dissapoint.

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