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The spitball was declared illegal in 1920, but the best spitballer in history was born in 1938.

Originally a fastball-changeup pitcher, Perry learned the spitter in '64 from veteran Bob Shaw, and immediately got in the starting rotation. Once his slider got under control, he was unstoppable. 1965 - 201 strikeouts, 40 walks. 1966 - 2.61 ERA. 1972 - 1.92 ERA and the Cy Young for the Indians. Later, a Cy Young for the Padres in '78 sealed the most illicit Hall of Fame career ever.

From North Carolina; one of the Clown Princes of baseball. He wouldn't have had a long career had he not taken up the "spitball" (actually, his pitch involved the use of petroleum products) - it may well be that his brother Jim was the best "all-natural" pitcher in the family; nonetheless, Gaylord's the one in the Hall of Fame. On the mound, he was hyperactive: his arsenal of decoys - cap adjustments, sleeve tugs, etc - gave you a "does he or doesn't he?" unease at bat. "Hard slider" my ass.

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