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Years from this age, in a time when the computers of our time will be deemed to have been the first step on a new evolutionary staircase for humankind.., scholars, artists and those middle-aged women who work in coffee shops and smile a lot will, among their vast reading material, always possess some kind of digital text or memorised excerpt from what will in that time be known as Geek Mythology.

There will be gods (Linus Torvalds, see also Linux Mythology) and demons (Bill Gates). There will be fallen gods (Steve Jobs). Stories so fantastic, the common populous would never be able to truly believe it. Children, adults of all ages would be read and be shown computer-illustrated easy-reading tales of yore: of Geeks, Nerds, Newbies, Lusers, Hackers, Coders, The Realm of the Internet, ISPs, ISVs, tech-junkies, information junkies, cyberpunks, phreaking, phucking, netsex, cybersex, Everythingians, spectacles, C, assembler, junk food, cabling, operating system wars, browser wars, GUIs.. the list is endless now, the list will only be even more saturated then.

You'll be able to discover yarns about how AOL/Time-Warner fought MSNBC for domination of media, internet and bad software. How Bill Gates was affected by having a custard pie thrown in his face... How the iMac came to cause colour-blindness and mouse hand generative disease because of its round mouse... Quake4 became an operating system which rivalled and eventually beat Windows into submission by offering users the opportunity to play deathmatch against Microsoft applications on maps based upon MS suites, with Linux semaphores as powerups and famous hackers and programmers as weapons... How Larry Ellison revealed the truth behind his single status by telling of his fetish for Samurai dildos and his inability to interface sexually with people of either gender... How Time slowed down when the Internet was ravaged by the evil hacker forces using DDoS attacks... A number of Bibles of the Geek Age will emerge, one of them innocuously titled "Everything2", stored in an ancient and crude digital format and protected by the powerful immortal monster EDB... the Time of Geek Reproduction will be exposed, when geeks became the dominant sex symbol; men and women the world over falling for these (already) amazing individuals.

I could go on, but perhaps you would like to add your Geek Mythology tale for posterity to this, Everything2:The First Bible of the Geek Age.

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