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Gene Hart was the bearded play-by-play announcer for the Philadelphia Flyers from their inception in the late 1960s until the early 1990s. During the Philadelphia Phantoms's Calder Cup run in 1999, he was their radio play-by-play announcer. Gene also taught at several high schools in South Jersey, including, for a time in the late 60's, my alma mater.

But perhaps Hart's most famous achievement was in 1974, when the Philadelphia Flyers won their first of two consecutive Stanley Cups. In the final seconds of Game 6 against the Boston Bruins, Hart exclaimed "The Flyers Win The Stanley Cup! The Flyers Win The Stanley Cup!" At least in Philly lore, the call is as memorable, if not more so, than the call made by Al Michaels when the U.S. team defeated the Russians in 1980.

Gene Hart passed away in 2000. However, the Hart legacy goes on, with his daughter Lauren occassionally singing the song that made Kate Smith a Philadelphia sports legend, God Bless America.

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