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General Boy, father of Booji Boy, is another of Devo's characters. General Boy first appeared in the short film The Truth About De-Evolution, in the segment before Jocko Homo. In this segment, he recieves papers from his son Booji Boy, and says to us, "In the past this information has been surpressed, but now it can be told. Every man, woman, and mutant shall know the truth about devolution." General Boy also appears in the video for Satisfaction, and in a few other Devo clips, the most famous of which was used as an intro for Devo's New Traditionlist tour.

Interestingly enough, the father-son relationship between the characters of General Boy and Booji Boy is mirrored in real life. General Boy is played by Robert L. Mothersbaugh, father of Mark Mothersbaugh, and Robert Mothersbaugh of Devo. Robert's other son, Jim Mothersbaugh was also heavily involved with Devo in their early days. Robert Mothersbaugh was not originally supposed to play General Boy in The Truth About De-Evolution, but a lawyer friend of the band. However, at the last minute, he chickened out, and Devo was left trying to find someone who would fit the uniform they bought for the role. Robert was a perfect fit, and became General Boy.

Robert Mothersbaugh still occasionally dons the General Boy gear, and has spoken at the first two Devotional conventionions in Akron.

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