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Like music and movies and books and plays, pornography is divisible into genres, many, many of them, too many to list them all in any short allocation of space. And so, this is not a node which attempts to enumerate all universes of pornographic productivity, but simply one which gives the kind and gentle reader a sense of the astounding breadth and eyebrow-raising specificity of this world, almost a parallel universe to the reality of human sexuality.

To begin with, there are many different filming styles. Gonzo, for example, is a style which attempts to capture the spontaneity of gonzo journalism and impart the first person experience on the viewer by using camera shots filmed by the performers themselves. Gonzo porn tends to have a lot of point-of-view angles and close-up-shots, but is not to be confused with POV as its own genre (where the point is to create a view as close as possible to what the viewer would see if they were actually the one being fucked and sucked), nor with "extreme close-up," its own genre as well.

And then there is the storyline or lack thereof. Wall-to-wall dispenses with the pretense of story and script and just begins with the beginning of the sex act, usually in the simplest and most straightforward of sex acts. Conversely, there is an entire rising genre of epic porn with better-than-average storycrafting and expensive set pieces and costumery. And then there is "parody" porn, which loosely uses that word to get away with copying characters and settings from popular films and TV shows, while injecting perhaps an extra dose of tomfoolery, and much bigger dose of buttfuckery.

And there are genres specific to the race, age, height, and weight of participants, not to mention penis size, breast size, and the combination of them found in chicks with dicks. On one odd note, "interracial porn" almost always means black men with white women. You'd think it would include the other way 'round, or black men with Asian women, or Asian men with Hispanic women (actually that's not one I think I've seen, but I'm sure it exists). But the categories are much more tightly defined than that. Anything "Asian" is in a category all to itself, as is much of anything "Latina."

But even these are very broad relative to the pornography of specific fetishes. It's no leap at all to get from Rule 34 to speculum porn. After all, a speculum is an instrument deisgned to facilitate a wide-opened view of bodily orifices. Speculum porn generally uses the doctor's office visit as its setup -- a nubile female comes in for her examination, and the white-robed physician, after probing other areas of the body, inserts the speculum into the patient's vagina. Extreme close-up shots ensue. Interestingly, since the point of speculum porn is to have the speculum there, and the device would interfere with intercourse, speculum porn tends not to feature that most fundamental of sexual acts. Instead our patient is given the rather awkward task of turning her head sideways and fellating the physician, while her body continues to face front, so that her speculum-spread vagina remains in full view. Naturally, the doctor may be female, in which event the patient must find something else to lick or suck on, to make clear that the speculum insertion is more than clinical. And note, on top of that, that we are speaking only of vaginal speculum porn. Anal speculum porn is a separate genre all its own (if you don't believe me, Google "anal speculum porn"; or just take my word on it. And yes, there is an additional separate genre of double speculum porn).

And how about ATOGM -- this abbreviation is for "ass to other girl's mouth" and it means exactly that; it is ass to mouth in the threesome variety, wherein one girl is penetrated anally, and the man then pulls his cock from her ass and puts it directly in the other girl's mouth to be sucked. Generally, this exchange goes both ways, as both girls will receive the anal sex, and both girls will suck the cock straight from their compatriot's ass, often throatily commenting on how good it tastes. Naturally, this could be achieved as well through some lesbian ass licking, but -- well, this is better covered elsewhere.

Now how about another scenario. "Best friend's mom" is a subset of the broader world of MILF porn, wherein a specific connection between the performers is portrayed. A male on the edge between boyhood and manhood, typically framed as a just-over-18 high school senior, is seduced by the hot, hypersexual mid-30's mother of his best friend. The setting is almost always one of two variations. In one variation, the boy comes over to see his friend (or drop off a borrowed book or the like), only to discover that the friend is away -- but the mom is home. Alone. And lonely. Mom insists that her son's friend sit uncomfortably close while she drops hints about how bad she wants it, casually brushing her hand across his thigh until she elicits the desired response. The young man feels awkward about receiving these attentions from his best friend's mother, but he doesn't object once she starts to suck his cock. The other variation of the genre is one where the mom catche's the son's best friend peeping on her, or sniffing her underwear or the like, and confronts him, feigning outrage as an entree to the seduction. In either scenario, the mom always seems convinced that the young man is fucking lots of cheerleaders at school, but that she can give him mind-blowing kinky experiences which the cheerleaders can't or won't. This by the way is the genre wherein James Deen got his start.

Back to the conventional, masseuse porn is porn premised on one person giving another a professional massage, typically in what appears to be a massage studio with a very clean (to the point of being somewhat clinical-looking) massage table in the center of a room well stocked with massage oils and implements. An extreme end of this is Nuru massage, which involves a very slippery seaweed oil and a masseuse rubbing her whole naked body all over the recipeints own.

And for another twist how about public humiliation? Originating in Eastern Europe, this genre has one participant, the humiliation receiver--most often the female--near-naked and paraded around some clearly public place, with the shocked reactions of onlookers being recorded. This participant may have bound hands or be on a leash or some similar restraint. The receiver is brought to some place like a fountain or a gate which would appear to be in public view, and there is fucked in the usual variety of positions.

And for a last turn to the unexpected, even more niche is Christian porn, a sort of bizarro-world genre wherein the performers are actual-factual Christian married couples, performing 'biblically approved' sex acts for the purpose of providing 'instruction' or ' encouragement' to other actual-factual Christian married couples. This is a form you won't find in the video stores or the usual internet venues. Essentially, you have to know somebody who makes it or who has it.

We could go on. There's a whole world of "first time" and "casting couch" and "fisting" -- and all of this is just the stuff that's not illegal!! But I think you've gotten the picture and had enough at this point.

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