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George McCready Price (1870-1963) was a Seventh-day Adventist who developed flood geology. He considered himself a geologist, although his only formal education in geology consisted consisted of a few courses he took at the Provincial Normal School of New Brunswick during a one year teacher training course. Any other knowledge he may have had was acquired independently.

He was a dedicated opponent of the theory of evolution, attacking it vigorously in his first book Outlines of Modern Christianity and Modern Science, and targeted many of his attacks at the science of geology, which he was convinced was the most important pillar of evolution.

At first his work was ignored by Fundamentalists, largely because he was a Seventh-day Adventist. By the 1920's they began to take interest in his work. He advised William Jennings Bryan to avoid specific discussion of scientific issues during the Scopes monkey trial.

For much of his life he made a living peddling books or teaching, although towards the end of his life his writings achieved popularity in fundamentalist circles.

Source: The Creationists by Ronald L. Numbers.

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