I know some of you got your panties all in a wad when George W. Bush called an asshole reporter from the NYTimes an asshole. (I still can't understand what's wrong with stating the obvious in that case, but it sure did raise a ruckus.) Well, for those of you who think a Family Values guy shouldn't be cursing in public, here's an even better story for you. This might even cement your notion not to vote for the man!

When he first took office as governor of Texas, one of his first priorities was tort reform. He has a strong distaste for the plaintiff's lawyers (ambulance chasers, for those of you new to the political scene) and was dead set on reducing the number of frivolous court cases in Texas.

In a meeting to discuss one of the first bills on this matter, the head dick spokesman for the slimeball, money-grubbing trial lawyers (I'm trying my best to be civil here), a guy named Mike Gallagher from Houston, tried to lobby Bush on the matter.

"You know, Governor, I represent a dear friend of yours from West Texas, a gentleman by the name of Bobby Holt."

Bush said, "Is that right?"

"Yes," Gallagher continued. "In fact, we're discussing something that is near and dear to Bobby Holt's heart, and that is the law of joint and several liability."

Now, this is part that I love. Bush looked this guy right in the eye and said, "You know, Mike, I've known Bobby Holt all my life. Grew up with Bobby Holt. One of my warmest, closest personal friends."

Then he paused and added, "Fuck Bobby Holt."

So, there you go. I know this is probably the straw that broke the elephant's back and now you'll probably have to go the other way. But as for me, I'm quite ready for a President that says what he means, whether it's meant for the ears of the little children or not. Remember Harry Truman?

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