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Musician willing to explore boundaries of his instruments including piano, guitar and harmonica.

His piano playing was at the forefront of the Windham Hill record label's foray into New Age music and his piano influences include Vince Guaraldi and various Montana pianists (among others). One of his more recent releases is his tribute to Guaraldi's Peanuts tunes.

His guitar playing is predominantly of the "slack guitar" style, originating from Hawaii. Slack guitar tunes down the lowest string and is the predecessor to slide guitar. He has also been influenced by other early jazz musicians, including Larry Young.

I have little comment on his harmonica.

By his own admission, he attempts to take larger scaled musical compositions and associate parts to various fingers. This allows him to play more intricate compositions. He does this quite well.

He comes on stage in socks. Comfortable dress seems to be important to him. He is a gracious performer.

His performance on February 27, 2001, was quiet and peaceful. I enjoyed his performance.

George Winston is not, I repeat, not a "New Age" musician (whatever that means). He himself insists on this.

He can, however, be described as a minimalist (examples of minimalists would be Steve Reich, Philip Glass, or John Adams (no, not the second President of the United States). He is one of the few minimalists who has popular appeal.

While on the topic of minimalism, a famous joke about George Winston runs thus:

First Guy: Where can I get scores for George Winston's music?
Second Guy: At a wallpaper store!

His early albums were the most innovative but he has become kind of stagnate now.

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