The creation of Theodor Geisel, better known as Dr. Seuss, in 1950. Dr. Seuss had been known for books like And To Think That I Saw It On Mulberry Street that were unique, colorful and dwelt in the land of exotic imagination. In 1950, United Productions of America, an animated film company responsible for Mr. Magoo, approached Dr. Seuss about creating a short animated film in his own style.

The result was a story about a young boy named Gerald McLoy. Gerald cannot speak in words or sentences, only in noises and sound effects. His utterance of "Boing! Boing" gives him his name, while yelping "Cuckoo!" in school gets him sent home. He runs away and is hired as the sound effects department of a radio station. He and his parents become rich because of the same talents that caused him scorn and ridicule before his lucky break.

Gerald McBoing Boing won the Academy Award for Best Animated Short Subject for 1950. Seuss' dialogue and rhyming style was adapted from his story by Phil Eastman and Bill Scott and directed by a Bobe Cannon (I'm not sure if that is an actual name or a weapon used in teddy bear warfare, but I will go with the belief that it is actually a real name).

Anyway, if you like the strangely surreal world of mid-20th century animation, I'm 86.7% sure you will enjoy Gerald McBoing Boing.

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