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Gerald Seymour, widely acclaimed as "one of Britain's foremost pacey thriller writers" (SUNDAY EXPRESS) has written many action packed novels since leaving the ITN news corporation in 1975. Many of his novels have been made into films, such as Harry's Game, The Glory Boys, The Contract, Red Fox, Field Of Blood and The Waiting Time.

He joined this company in 1963 and was a war correspondant, covering a variety of stories including The Great Train Robbery, Vietnam, Ireland, The Munich Olympic Games Massacre, Germany's Red Army and Italy's Red Brigade.

Gerald was born on the 25th of November, 1941 in Guildford. He now lives in the West country, where he enjoys the pleasures of retirement with his dog and his fishing rod!

Thanks to the Gerald Seymour fansite "http://www.webgeordie.co.uk/geraldseymour" .

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