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A bridge bidding convention used in determining a partnership's readiness for a slam in no-trump by asking for aces.

After a 1NT or 2NT bid, a jump to 4C is Gerber and asks partner to respond with a bid that indicates the number of aces he holds. 4D indicates zero or four aces, 4H one, 4S two, and 4NT three. The 4D response is not ambiguous because if a partnership is even considering the possibility of slam in no-trump, they cannot possibly lack all the aces (16 of the 40 high card points).

After the response, 4C bidder may bid 5C, which guarantees their side holds all four aces, and asks partner to indicate the number of kings he holds in the same manner as for the aces above.

Some partnerships play Gerber in any auction sequence in which a notrump contract is implied, while others play it only directly after a notrump bid (and then, after 3NT it is not Gerber because 4C is the lowest possible bid above 3NT). Use Blackwood in other situations to ask for aces.

Also a brand of baby food.

"Gerber" is a file format commonly used in the PCB industry. Most PCB CAD software (such as Lavenir, Mentor, and Valor) is capable of outputting data in this format, which is recognized by a large percentage of industrial photoplotters.

Gerbers are different from the competing Autoplot format in that they are comprised of two files. One of the files (the actual "Gerber file") contains the 2D coordinates of features on a single z-plane. The other file, known as the "environment" or "d-code list," defines the shape and size of those features. The default file extension for a Gerber is .gbr, though many programs and design companies use other extensions.

Modern multi-layer PCB schematics usually consist of a half-dozen or more Gerbers. These define the PCB's copper traces, substrate, soldermask, solder stencil apertures, silkscreen, and any other applicable photoplot files.

The PCB industry is gradually converting to the newer Gerber274x format, which allows the coordinates and the environment to be saved within a single file. The default extension for a Gerber274x is .gbx, though this can also vary greatly.

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