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There are many fairly androgynous sounding German names that caused me no end of hell in my mock listening exam. For example, thinking that Ute was a 'he' (and she had the voice for it), I answered all the questions with the 'er' (=he) pronoun, rather than 'sie' (=she). This lost me an unfeasily large number of marks for no good reason.

Thus, I give to you, good noders, a list (by no means canonical, but I'll do my best) of awkward german names that are gender-ambiguous or have in the past confused me:

  • Achim: male
  • Anke: female
  • Arnim: male
  • Antje: female
  • Baerbel: female
  • Dagmar: female
  • Effi:female
  • Elfi: female
  • Erna: female
  • Gesa: female
  • Gitta: female
  • Hannes: male
  • Hanno: male
  • Hartmut: male
  • Hedwig: female
  • Heike: female
  • Heiko: male
  • Heli (actually a shortening of Helmut): male
  • Ina: female
  • Ingo: male
  • Kai: male
  • Mana: female
  • Mehmet: male
  • Meta: female
  • Per: male
  • Silja: female
  • Silke: female
  • Thea: female
  • Udo: male
  • Ulf: male
  • Ute: female
  • Uwe: male
  • Waltraud: female
  • Wiebke: female

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