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From the 1982 classic "Strange Brew"This process takes a while to complete, if you are looking for a quick fix use alternate means.
First, get a stubby beer bottle (available in Canada).
Second, get a mouseling (available in most pet shops).
Third, put baby mouse in bottle, feed baby mouse till it has grown to significant size (too big to get out of bottle).
Fourth, take bottle to liquor store.
Finally, tell clerk in store that you found "this mouse in a bottle of their beer(eh), (point to beer) and your friend, who's a COP(eh), says that if that happens you get a FREE case of beer (you hoser)" (if in Canada add "eh's" and "you hoser" at the end).
Then, the clerk, noticing the mouse and wanting to avoid a lawsuit, and taking into account that your friend the Cop said you get a free case of beer, will provide you with said case. Or, will send you to the brewery to sort it out with them.

Disclaimer: These tactics, created by Bob and Doug McKenzie may not be successful. For better chances of success, follow these rules.
i have never tried this, nor do i advocate the captivity of animals.

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