I hope it isn't "just me", but I find getting a haircut very erotic. Its the whole tactile nature of the act.

First somebody hovers around you, clearly in your personal space. Bending your ears, touching your head. Then there is the cool steel of the buzzers, sharp little scissors, fragent gels. And all you have to do is sit there and be doted on.

My favorite part is the little vacuum they use to get all the little shards of hair whisked away. I feel that a slack look is creeping over my face, and part of me justs want to close my eyes and see what happens.

But it's not as if the hairpersons are particularly attractive, I had the hottest haircut I can remember from this old guy in portland. $5 haircuts. He really knew his clippers and vacuums though. yow. The fact that they were talking conservative christian old man talk to the old guys that hang out at this particular shop almost heightened it.

Then, when you are done, and they have shaved your neck or something, you get to feel it surrepticiously for the next few days. Or somebody else feels it for you.


Apoxybutt - I also cut my own hair. yes, three times a day. then I go down for a touchup and vacuum. long live pleasure!

I am a man that has a fade.

Having a woman cut my hair is always...

There is just so much contact, her hands on my head, fingers running through my hair. I almost feel guilty paying her.

I am often curious whether or not they press against me on purpose. Does that happen to anyone else? I kind of hope they are, but maybe I just have wide shoulders.

One of my favorite erotic movie scenes doesn't actually involve kissing, coitus, or any other form of (technically) sexual intercourse. It's the scene from the otherwise-forgettable movie Phenomenon, when Kyra Sedgewick's character gives John Travolta's character a home haircut at her sink.


I wish I could find a woman who'd give me that haircut. :-)

Uh-huh. But for me, it's the shampooing. I love having my head rubbed, preferably by an attractive woman I don't know. Which presents a dilemma, because if I ever go bald, presumably my bald head would be more sensitive than my head with hair, but I would have no reason to get it shampooed by an attractive woman I don't know.

If the person doing the job is on your wavelength then this is very true. Otherwise it is just painful and awkward.

Or maybe I'm biased from having known stylists intimately enough for them to cut my hair while I was naked in the middle of the night. But seriously there is something to having someone else run their fingers through your hair and the process of clipping makes your scalp so much more sensitive.

But I prefer to do it myself these days.

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