It is often the case, that through over-zeal or plain miscalculation, one ends up with a very tight ring wedged firmly into an increasingly painful finger.

Now there is nothing quite like the slow feeling of panic that rises up the spine when one tries to move the non-budging item of jewelery first through sheer force and then maybe even more imaginatively, with some sort of lubricant, and finds that it is all in vain. Visions of purpling fingers and amputations might cross the mind of said patient, creating high levels of anxiety which in turn might even cause the finger to swell more.

Often, the solution to this problem is going to a hospital and getting the offending item clipped off (usually this being the ring, not the finger). I myself have heard of such cases where pregnant women, their state of expectancy and water-retention causing their fingers to swell abnormally, ended up with wedged wedding bands around ballooning digits. It is not surprising that afore-mentioned women protest loudly against the mutilation of their wedding bands... after all, it is the 21st century.. is it possible there be no other, less vulgar, more scientific approach to ring removal?

Indeed there is. It is really very easy when you think about it.

All you need is a thread.

The difficult part lies in getting a thread to go through the ring- this is because often the swelling of the finger makes space very limited. However a stiff thread like a nylon one - or maybe even threading a needle and making that go through - might help.

Once out on the side of the nail, proceed to twist the thread tightly around the digit, creating a sort of 'screw' pattern. Make the rings of thread not too far apart, but close enough tho be able to tighten the skin sufficiently so as to make a narrower passage of flesh over which the ring can slide through.

I have seen doctors use this technique personally, and i find it charming in its simplicity and efficiency.

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