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My inner monster. It likes to run and play. But, it plays dirty. We all have one, some of us just choose to ignore it.

It was a Tuesday, and it was busy as all hell at the coffee shop where I work. People that didn't know what they wanted. People that did, but wanted something we couldn't give them. People that wanted a French Vanilla Cappuccino but were disappointed that it tasted like coffee. And, then the untrained Mr. Aww Shucks came into work. I like to think of him as John Boy. He gets excited about doing dishes. He gets excited about taking out the trash. He has to ask how to get soda out of the fountain.

I was stirring a mocha and he turned to me to ask, "Where are the straws?" I stopped stirring and put the handle of the barspoon through his left eye.

I blinked myself back to reality. "They're right behind you, hon." I say with a smile on my face.

Are you in touch with your inner monster?

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