It is a truth universally acknowledged that if a man's heart is in danger of being won by a girl that he will be defenceless against the onslaught of her charms, and all semblance of wit and sagacity will desert him like mist fading under the morning sun.

This is something that happens to me quite often actually, usually in the first stages of getting to know a girl, where you aren't sure whether she is someone you might ask out or someone who is going to be a friend. I honestly can't count the times I have had my heart race, and my mouth dry up when left alone (or nearly alone) with a nice girl. Being a bit of a psycho I am able to hide the appearance of these almost perfectly. But, conversation with me at this point is pretty much no go as I tend to start lucid, and then stop in the middle of sentences and trail off, so I do what any reasonable person would. I keep quiet and watch and see how things go.

This passive thing tends to be pretty good to do, as it means that I listen to what they say, and nod appropriately. If possible I even try to interject with broad neutral observations on what she is saying while listening quietly.

All the time dreading the question.

Which question? Any question.

How many times have you been asked something about yourself, only to realize that you don't know yourself nearly as well as you thought you did?

"What sort of music do you like? Err.. Um... I don't know." Of course I know, it's just that questions like this tend to prompt waves of introspection from fear of deceiving someone inadvertently. What I usually find is someone who thinks too much, and is nervous around girls. This sort of thing doesn't happen around my friends though, I have a gaggle of girly friends, all of whom are very nice to hang about with. Maybe it's because I have gotten over the whole idea of thinking about this person romantically, and so am not tense about making a good impression around them. I am one of those people who divides his friends from his romantic interests very neatly.

If I ask a girl out, I won't hang around and try to be friends afterwards: been there, done that, got the scars. Nor will I befriend a girl, and try to work my way up the intimacy ladder to marriage. I suppose I regard the whole courtship thing as some sort of sacred ritual, with a willing partner. Sort of like a dance, that feels right just when you get the perfect partner. Only problem is I haven't found her yet, and I get nervous around girls when I think it might be her.

I just don't want to put a foot wrong...

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