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A genre of music originating from the strip clubs of Detroit. Also known as just Booty or Tech, Ghetto Tech is mix of Electro, Detroit Techno, Miami Bass, Hip Hop, House and Jungle with pornographic, and often offensive lyrics and samples. Its Juvenile, vulgar, and for those not wound too tightly its serious fun. The tempo is fast, typically between 155 and 170bpm. In order to incorporate Jungle, Techno, House, and Hip Hop records into their mixes, Ghetto tech DJs usually modify the their turntables to allow the pitch to be increased drastically.

"It combines everything I like about music. It’s about sex, and I like sex. (Ghetto tech) can be every kind of music. It’s just that we play it at between 155-165 beats per minute, crazy DMC-style, rocking doubles of everything. The best description I’ve heard of it so far is from Joe Han, the Detroit rep for Sony Music. He said ‘Take a little bit of techno, a little bit of house and a little bit of drum & bass. Then take that shit to the hood and pour a 40-ounce onto it. That’s ghetto tech.’"
--Disco D

Some Ghetto tech artists: DJ Assault, Ade "Mr. De" Mainor, Disco D, DJ Godfather, Gary Chandler

Some Ghetto tech Labels: Electrofunk, Assault Rifle, Twilight 76, Databass

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