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A Monopoly board game knockoff, Ghettopoly plays on American urban stereotypes for supposed comedic value.

In the real Monopoly, the nine game player pieces that are included are the dog, car, thimble, cowboy, iron, shoe, wheelbarrow, tophat, cannon, and the battleship.

When you open the Ghettopoly box the game pieces you get are the machine gun, pimp, ho, 40 ounce, basketball, marijuana leaf, and of course a piece of crack cocaine. Instead of Chance and Community Chest cards that are standard on Monopoly games, Ghettopoly has "Hustle" and "Ghetto Stash" cards. Some of the (purposely misspelled) writing on the Ghetto Stash cards include:
  • "You found out today that the chicken head you be messin wit last night has STD’s. Pay $50 for a shot of antibiotics".
  • "Go directly to Ling Ling’s Massage Parlour for some head. Steal $$$ if you pass Let$ Roll."
  • "You got hit in yo leg by a stray bullet during a drive by. Hospital Bill $100".

And some of the "Hustle Cards" read:

  • "You and your boyz just spotted a rapper at Weinstein’s flashin some Bling Blings. You decided to jack da fool. Collect $150."
  • "It’s past midnight and you’re feeling horny. Go straight to Cheap Tricks Ave. If you pass Let$ Roll Steal $$$".

Instead of the "Free Parking" space, there is a "Just Loitering" space. In place of the "Go to Jail" space, Ghettopoly has a "'Mergency Room" (emergency room). Instead of the 4 railroads they have 4 liquor stores, and you don't "pass Go", you "Steal $$$".

The object of "GhettoPoly" is basically the same as Monopoly, but instead of houses and hotels you get "crack houses" and "projects", and instead of "the banker" you have "the loan shark" for your monetary needs. The creator David.T.Chang, who created the game in 2003, has of this writeup received protests from minority groups, chief among them the NAACP who has discouraged anyone to purchase this game, but sales as of October 2003 remain strong, most of the outlets that carry the game were sold out.

Sources include www.ghettopoly.com and www.conacopia.com

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