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A condition brought about sporadic and excessive alcohol abuse. Quite common after "Yeah, I'll come to the pub, but I'm only having the one" sessions.

Symptoms include a very distinct reddening of the cheeks, vomiting, retching, bad breath, exhaustion, loose bowel movements and more often than not being woken up my your boss ringing your cell phone wondering where the fuck you are.

Not a pleasant condition to be in at all. Can be treated with all types of hangover cures. A fry up from Hobarts in Ranelagh, Dublin comes highly recommended, washed down with a cup of tea and a tabloid newspaper. This will ease your body slowly back to it's former glory without putting too much stress on the brain.

Prolonged Gin Skin can also become permanent depending on ones alcohol intake, and is most noticeable in hardcore drinkers aged 55+.

At the time of writing, NASA and MIT are currently researching this phenomenon without success.

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