When I went to get cat food today, I went to Bread and Circus and got an ice cream.

Of course, it wasn't an ice cream really. It was one of those Rice Dream things.

I ate it while i was waiting for the bus.. it was melting all over, and dripping.

It was dripping.. I think it dripped on my shirt, where, oh I can't find it.. It was running down my arm. It was so good! Ooh.

And when I was done, i licked the inside of the wrapper!

It was so good! The little pieces of chocolate were falling off, and i wanted to pick them off the ground and eat them. (But somebody might have seen you) Yeah, it was right on Route 9, in Hadley, anybody might have been looking (everybody could see you) I was right out there, yeah, everybody was watching.

Ice cream. Ooh.

(/me laughs and laughs)

And so, Ginny sucessfully steered the conversation we'd been having on depression into happier shoals. She was lounging on my bed at the time, gesturing, and i think, this is why girls have female friends. Because they're so beautiful and can make you laugh and laugh. Non sequitur paired with happy enthusiasm: as ailie might say, i love it more than ice cream! She (Ginny) gave me permission to node this.

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