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A clan of vampires in White Wolf's Vampire: The Masquerade roleplaying game. Known as the Necromancers, the Giovanni are both cunning giants of industry (and organized crime) and powerful practitioners of the magic of death. Giovanni Kindred are descended from the same greater mortal family, and all potential recipients of the Embrace must go through a period of ghouldom known as the Proxy Kiss.

The Giovanni are largely untrusted by other Kindred, particularly those of the Camarilla, due to their legacy. Hundreds of years ago, the clan's founder, Augustus Giovanni, diablerized his sire, the Antediluvian founder of Clan Cappadocian. The newborn Clan Giovanni then purged the earth of its parent clan. The Camarilla has a strange agreement with the Giovanni which prohibits the clan from participating in the great Jyhad. This is fine with the Giovanni...after all, it gives them more time to work toward their ultimate goal of bringing the land of the dead back into the land of the living.

Weakness: The Giovanni Kiss causes excruciating pain in mortals, which keeps them from feeding on the living with ease.

Disciplines: Dominate, Necromancy, Potence

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