Arguably the most beautiful track from Aphex Twin's Richard D. James Album. It features a combination of violins and snare rushes, and according to the AFX FAQ, "The reason Richard came up with that is because he thinks some tracks are girl tracks and some are boy tracks. Maybe "Girl/Boy Song" is both." Says Richard about the violins: "Well, they were originally real, yeah. I've got a violin, and a cello as well, and I've learned to play that enough to be able sample it, get some good notes, and that's where they come from. ... Most of the album was done on my Mac, basically. Even the keyboard sounds were all pretty much computer-generated. Native audio."

How much do I like this track, you wonder? At one point, I could "sing" both the percussion and the violins, albeit separately.

Audited October 6, 2001, source: AFX FAQ.

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