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Timesplitters 2

Glass Smash is the first Challenge mode in Timesplitters 2. Its three levels, predictably, center on the destruction of glass windows.

Pane in the Neck

Those Russian soldiers aren't that bright! Today's military training involves breaking all the glass in the Siberian compound. Nikolai managed this in one minute flat. Beat his time or you'll be the laughing stock of the barracks for weeks!

In this challenge you play Lt. Frost in the Siberia compond from the first Story Mode level. You are equipped with the Soviet S47, but your only ammunition is 40 Grenades. Your mission is to destroy all the glass in the compound either by launching a grenade straight through it or detonating one in close proximity.

My strategy involved running up the initial stairs, launching one grenade into the first story of the communications building, then strafing the side, launching another into the side windows. The detonations should take out the rest of the panes on that floor. Next I run up the big stairs and launch one into the window on the door. This should detonate the remaining windows in the building. Run across the wooden plank and fall onto the ground, blasting another bomb into that building. Then run to the hut closest to the dam, firing through the window. The last detonation will be the one in the building furthest from the dam, next to the chain link fence. You don't need to get a grenade in the other building, as it has no glass. I have received a Gold Award with this strategy, but have been unable to achieve platinum.

Character: Lt. Frost
Level: Siberia (Outside)
Bronze Award: 1:00.0
Silver Award: 30.0 Earning silver unlocks the cheat Rotating Heads.
Gold Award: 18.0
Platinum Award: 11.0

Bricking It

After Private Poorly's incident with a grenade yesterday, all ammunition has been confiscated until further notice. This is no excuse to miss training though, so you'll have to improvise!

You also play Lt. Frost in this mission, but this time you do not have your trusty grenades. Instead, you get 40 red bricks. This time you'll have to throw one through every single window, because the bricks won?t explode and shatter the rest.

This procedes in roughly the same order as the previous challenge. The only difficult part comes at the very end, when the chain link fence separates you from the window in the door of the hut. It normaly takes me a few runs through the level, but if you?re lucky you can launch a brick right through one of the outside windows straight through the door window. Like the previous level, I can get a Gold but not Platinum.

Character: Lt. Frost
Level: Siberia (Outside)
Bronze Award: 1:30.0
Silver Award: 45.0 Earning silver unlocks the secret weapon Brick
Gold Award: 35.0
Platinum Award: 27.9

Stain Removal

The life of a zombie would be far more pleasant if it weren't for the Hunchback spoiling the Wednesday morning sacrifices. Get your own back on him, and knock out as many stained glass windows as you can within the time limit.

Although this level takes place in a drastically different setting, the goal is still the same. Using your Grenade Launcher you must knock out all the stained glass windows in the Cathedral. I can't get better than a silver on this challenge, so I'll hold back on offering a strategy for its completion. One thing I will note is that you should always use the Flaming Grenades instead of the regular ones, as they launch farther and will allow you to reach the upper level of windows. These are the ones you fire when you press R1 (using the default controller settings).

Character: Undead Priest
Level: Notre Dame (Upper Level)
Bronze Award: 23 Panes.
Silver Award: 28 Panes. Earning silver unlocks the Hunchback, a secret character.
Gold Award: 32 Panes.
Platinum Award: 32 Panes, and it must be completed in under 47 seconds.

Completed! Once all three challenges have been finished, a new set will be unlocked. If these are the first you complete, Banana Chomp will be available for your pleasure.

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