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Glass Tiger is a Canadian musical group that formed in the early 1980's, and originally started performing under the name Tokyo. They toured around Ontario before signing on with Capitol and putting out a few albums, including "The Thin Red Line", and "Diamond Sun". Their last album was "Simple Mission", which was released in 1991. Obviously, they're not terribly active anymore (actually they aren't at all, as far as I know).

The song that most would probably recognize them for is "Don't Forget Me (When I'm Gone)", it's one of their hits that made the charts. I remember them for "Diamond Sun", and "My Song", as well as "I'm Still Searching". Quite a few of their songs are political, and thus have some neat lyrical content.

Group members include(d): They were actually quite popular here, and even had the whole eighties hair thing going on. I still like them, but I'm quite sure most stopped listenin' to them quite some time ago.

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