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Medium-sized neighborhood in Queens County, NY. Borders on Ridgewood to the west, Middle Village to the north, Richmond Hills to the east and a collection of smaller townships to the south. The population is mostly blue-collar and the ethnic make-up runs the usual New York City gamut, in this case weighted toward eastern European and Hispanic wih a touch of Indian thrown in. Nightlife is restricted to one coffee shop, a diner, three laundromats, a bunch of shabby german bars and more pizza places and chinese take-outs than one's mind can comfortably cope with.

Glendale is an interesting commmunity if only because it seems to have something about it that prevents people from going into Manhattan - most people who live there drive to a workplace somewhere else in Queens. Most likely this factor is its paucity of public transportation - the Q55 bus (barely) runs from Jamaica, through Glendale and into Ridgewood where it meets up with the L Train at Myrtle and Wycoff. That's pretty much it (the M Train stops at Fresh pond Road but is primarily a commuter line and is inconvenient to use during off-peak hours).

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