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Musician Glenn Frey was born in Detroit, Michigan in 1948. In high school Frey was active in sports and showed an early love for playing the guitar. In his late teens he traveled west and fronted several bands (each lasted for only a short time), some of them being “The Subterraneans,” “The Four of Us,” and “The Mushrooms.” He also met and became good friends early on with Bob Seger, who helped Frey and his band "The Mushrooms" produce an album.

After a number of years in a variety of bands, he and several other musicians (Bernie Leadon, Randy Meisner, and Don Henley) formed the Eagles in 1971. The Eagles, of course, were extremely successful, and Frey sang the lead vocals on several of their biggest hits, including "Take It Easy," "Tequila Sunrise," "New Kid in Town," "Lyin' Eyes" and "Heartache Tonight." Some of the songs he co-wrote included “Take It Easy,” “Take it to the Limit,” and “Hotel California.” The group split in 1979, and Frey went on to have a very successful solo career. With his first solo album, “No Fun Aloud,” he immediately had several big hits, including “I Found Somebody” and “The One You Love.” Other top singles he would have in the 80s were “Smuggler’s Blues,” “You Belong to the City,” and “The Heat Is On.” Frey also acted in a couple of television shows — “Miami Vice” and “Wiseguy.”

In 1994, Frey founded his own record label, Mission Records, and also reunited with the Eagles for their “Hell Freezes Over” album and tour. During the tour he became seriously ill and received surgery for a stomach problem. The following year, Frey made a guest appearance in the television series, “Nash Bridges,” and he also acted in the film “Jerry Maguire.”

On a personal note- I've had my mother's copy of "No Fun Aloud" for years now and I still enjoy it. Reminds me of when I was younger-- hope she doesn't want it back anytime soon.

Glenn Frey’s solo discography:

Strange Weather” 1993
Live” 1993
Soul Searchin'” 1988
The Allnighter” 1984
No Fun Aloud” 1982

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Editors Note:On January 18, 2016, Frey died at the age of 67 from complications of rheumatoid arthritis, acute ulcerative colitis, and pneumonia, while recovering from gastrointestinal tract surgery.

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