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Glock is now considered one of the finest gun makers in the business. Their Glock 36 is no exception to this. The 36 is a primarily plastic bodied weapon and has been reviewed as having the same endless reliability and accuracy as the other models that Glock produces. This gun is a .45 caliber weapon. The 36 is a good option for gun owners who might have smaller hands but can still handle the power of a .45. The gun body is smaller than its counterpart .45 the Glock 21. Because of the smaller size the owner is also sacrificing a 4 round capacity in the magazine due to the 21 carrying 10 rounds and the 36 only 6. The smaller size also lends this weapon to easy concealment. There is also the Glock 36 'C' which is the compensated version of the same weapon. This means that there are holes in the barrel for the pressure to escape when a round is discharged. This allows for little to no recoil but also makes the gun useless for close contact shooting such as a in a home defense situation. The gas and debris that discharge from the compensation holes can cause serious burns.

The 36 features Glock's "Safe Action System". This is a system of 3 safeties present within the gun. There are no external safeties so that the user is free to concentrate on the task at hand. The three safeties form a 3-step process by which the gun completes a single discharge. The first step is a safety that is disengaged when pressure is applied to the trigger. This safety is a lever within the trigger that will only disengage under direct pressure from the trigger finger. The second safety is the firing pin safety. Until pressure is applied to the trigger there is a metal rod that lies in front of the firing pin blocking it from contact with the round. Once the trigger is pulled the rod is withdrawn and the firing pin can make contact. The third safety is referred to as the drop safety. As long as the trigger is not being pulled, the trigger bar is pressed onto the safety ramp by the firing pin spring. This means that the trigger will not be depressed by dropping the gun. Only direct pressure can release the drop safety. This safety system allows the gun to be in fire-ready mode at all times but prevents the gun from accidental discharge under unusual shock or pressure.


Info courtesy of me and www.glock.com

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