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A fishing town in Massachusetts where they make Gorton's Fish Sticks. They celebrated their 375th anniversary in 1998 and claim to be: "America's Oldest Seaport". There is not much there, it is a quirky place that usually stinks like dead fish. They filmed the movie The Perfect Storm there in 1999. Other notables - it is the hometown of the famous seascape painter Fitz Hugh Lane.

Pronounced "Gloster". See: Boston English.

Gloucester Massachussets used to be the heroin import capitol of the United States, until in the 80s Miami Florida apparently beat it out for the title. However Gloucester is still quite the town for junkies. I've heard of many drug deals going on in The House of Mitch and up on Portigue Hill. Some other bars in gloucester: The Rhumb Line and Camerons. There are many more bars in Gloucester (the joke is that everytime a child is born in Gloucester, a bar is opened), the ones mentioned are just those I've been to.

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