A Glove Gun is an amateur weapon made by people with too much time on their hands. It is made of a long piece of pipe (PVC or metal) of 1 meter length (the longer the better because length = accuracy) and a glove finger (the best gloves to use are those yellow gloves used for cleaning because they are very elastic and easy to get) attached to one end with tape. When finished the Glove Gun should look like a long pipe with one finger from a glove attached to one end with tape. And yes, they hurt. Ideal targets include annoying brothers, barking dogs, cats of any kind... you get the idea.

It is fired by loading a round object such as marble or berry into the open end (o – see below), letting it roll into the glove finger(g – see below), then griping the glove over the berry, pulling back as straight as possible (this will help maintain accuracy) aiming and releasing. Your accuracy will be determined by the direction of the draw (how straight you draw the glove) and how much your arm moves after firing. If you arm moves upwards or sidewards when firing try and grip the pipe near the open end when firing, this will help maintain the recoil. Your power and distance is determined by how far you pull back the glove and the elasticity of the glove

A diagram of a Glove Gun


g=glove finger

O = the opening in the pipe where the ammo is loaded.

------------ = pipe

NOTE:The size of the pipe is all depending on what game you want to play with it. If it involves sniping use a longer pipe but if it is a Paintball like game use a shorter one

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