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Having nothing to do with the game of Go, "Go!" was an exciting, fast-paced, yet short-lived, game show that aired on NBC from October 3, 1983, to January 20, 1984, created by Bob Stewart (based on the bonus round from his "Chain Reaction") and hosted by weatherman Kevin O’Connell.

Two five-person teams, consisting of four regular contestants and one celebrity, competed against each other for an entire week of five shows; at the end of the week, the winnings for each team were divided evenly among the four contestants on that team.

In each round, four of the players on one team would be sitting down while the fifth player stood between two of them. Those two would see the name of a person, place, or thing on a monitor, and would ask the standing player a question that would lead to the correct answer, with the two players alternating word by word. This led, of course, to plenty of comical attempts at phrasing when the two players weren’t on the same page about how they were constructing the question.

Once the standing player came up with the correct answer, they moved down the line to be asked a new question by the next set of two players, continuing until five questions were answered successfully. The other team then tried to beat the first team’s time.

It took 1,500 points to win the game; the rounds were worth 250, 500, 750, and 1,250 points.

In the bonus round, one of the players had 60 seconds to answer seven questions. The words in the first question were split among all four of the other players on the team, then down to three players for the second question, two players for the third question, and one for the fourth question. The number then went back up until all four players asked the seventh question. The prize was normally $10,000, but if the winning team had shut out their opponents in the main game, it went up to $20,000.

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