Those of you in the DC area may be interested to know that cassparadox will be taking a transfer to a new data center in Eastern Oregon/Washington in a couple of weeks, somewhere near Hanford where the radioactive taters grow and glow. This seems to be something encoded in the family genes, I suspect, this urge to come home to the ancestral stomping grounds and then head off into some distant land unexplored by previous generations. As is traditional, a farewell party will be held; also in keeping with family tradition, I'm looking at the Brickskeller, with the fallback being the Denny's in Laurel; these have been the sites of previous memorable departures for faraway lands. I am, of course, open to other suggestions. Party is scheduled for 6 PM on the 12th. Watch this space for changes, which no doubt will be frequent.

I guess this is sort of a call for a nodermeet, if I'm allowed to make such a thing.

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