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Emperor Go-Momozono (17581779), whose reign name literally means "Emperor Peach Garden the Second," was the 118th emperor of Japan according to the traditional chronology, reigning from 1771 until his untimely death in 1779.

Born Prince Hidehito, Go-Momozono was the eldest son of the Emperor Momozono. Deemed too young to take the throne when his father unexpectedly died, so his aunt ascended to the throne as Empress Go-Sakuramachi, becoming the first woman to hold the throne in nearly 1000 years. When Go-Momozono reached the age of twelve, his aunt abdicated in his favor, but Go-Momozono died just eight years later, at the age of just 20. Go-Momozono had no suitable heir, as his two sons had both died in infancy and his daughter was just 10 months old, so from his deathbed he adopted his cousin, who succeeded him as Emperor Kokaku.

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