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Tenguzame    Family: Mitsukurina
This shark is impossible to describe, I simply have use a external link, goto http://www.austmus.gov.au/fish/species/mowstoni.htm to see the shark. You really should try. It´s a freaky fish. The shark is considered harmless to humans, I personally think that it's so ugly looking it should be considered dangerous.

Very little is actually known about this very weird looking shark. Basic information like population and breeding habits, doesn´t exist. This is because this is a deepwater shark. It lives at depths from 300 meters to 1300 meters, and this makes them very hard to study.
Goblin sharks have been captured in many parts of the world, where there are deepwater climates with water temperatures around 10 degrees celcius. Most captures have been made in Sagami Bay, Suruga Bay, in the vicinity of the Izu Islands or off the coast of Kumanonada. The captured male sharks have been up to 3.2 meters. Captured females has been up to 3.35 meters.

They are expected to feed at "lower" depths, and to eat various types of deepwater squid and fish. A weird thing about this shark is that it has an unusually large liver, which can weigh up to 25% of the body weight, and contains mostly oils. This makes the shark able to move to the shallow depths of 300 meters.

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