Animated TV show in which, following roughly the same idea as the Book of Job, God (who looks like Jerry Garcia) and the Devil (who is of course English - You ain't the devil - the devil's got an English accent. I seen him on TV last week - Jimmy Carl Black) are battling for control of the soul of a 'normal guy' - Bob, played by French Stewart of Third Rock From the Sun. If God wins then the earth is saved, if not it's destroyed.
The show was taken off the air in the USA due to protests. Ostensibly these were from humourless fundamentalists but having watched the show in the UK I suspect it was simply because the show is not even a little funny.
God, The Devil, And Bob Episode List

Note: only the first four episodes were broadcast in the USA (on NBC), while the first nine were shown in the UK. In June 2003 the Trio Network began airing the reruns of the series as part of their look at offensive comedy.

Season 1

  • In the Beginning - Somewhere after those first heady days in the Garden of Eden, mankind jumped onto a slippery slope of bad behavior, making one wrong moral choice after another. Small wonder, then, that God's disappointed and considering destroying the whole thing. But he has a soft spot for his failed experiment and decides to give it one last shot: If he can find one person to convince him the universe is worth saving, he will. Just like that. And being a sporting deity, he let's the Devil chose, and chose he does: Bob Alman, an autoworker whose goal in life seems to be to just slide through. And never has there been a more unlikely, or more reluctant, person in the job. Fear convinces Bob to accept the mission, but God's vague instructions are no help. And the Devil, who figures he only has one soul to focus on now, is a formidable obstacle. On the job or at home with his family, Bob is forever changed. How can you watch a hockey game when the fate of the world is in your hands?
  • Andy Runs Away - Andy is humiliated and runs away after he tells his friends that his father talks to God and Bob can't deliver.
  • Date from Hell - The Devil is frustrated with Bob not taking him seriously enough-so he focuses his efforts on infiltrating Bob's family through his daughter Megan.
  • The Devil's Birthday - God forgets the Devil's birthday, causing him to retreat to hell and take all evil with him. Can the world survive without the presence of evil?
  • Neighbor's Keeper - God has an assignment for Bob: He wants him to do something about his adulterous neighbor.
  • God's Favorite - A series of fortunate events have convinced Bob that his new found role as God's messenger brings with it the gift of invincibility. The Devil feels God is ignoring him.
  • Bob Gets Commited - Bob's behavior while doing God's work lands him in a mental hospital. With Bob away the Devil makes a move on Donna.
  • Lonely at the Top - God's loneliness leads him to try life as a human being as an auto worker at Bob's plant.
  • Bob Gets Greedy - Bob finds tomorrow's sports scores on The Devil's palm pilot, and thinks it's a blessing when his gambling leads to fortune
  • There's Too Much Sex on TV - God sends Bob to Hollywood to curb the amount of sex on television.
  • Bob's Father - When Bob's abusive father is dying, Bob wonders where he'll end up-Heaven or Hell?
  • God's Girlfriend - Surprisingly, God's world is turned upside down when a woman from his past walks back into his life.
  • Bob Gets Involved - A swear word scrolled on Andy's lunchbox leads Bob to form a vigilante group fighting against the evils of society.

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