there's an algorithm for that.
lines-- in your computer-- buried beneath miles of commercial code...
circular; cyclic, if you will--downright, leftup--or something else, depending on your frame of mind-- The idiosyncracies of your mind tell a truth contrary to the code. But even truth is an algorithm, believe it or not.

it's true.

there's an algorithm for that in the mind of God.
waves; energy moving through wave circuits-- impulses telling impulses to pulse;
tell another switch to open close open-- and stay open for the whole of the universe to flow through;
FTP, but only scraps left between for man to see... left, up, right, down.
leaving you where you started.

a set of sets of codes in a language invented consciously.
efficient- or not- you nonstandard wordfucking processor designed for the wrong operating system- the computer shows the cursor in a particular place because the woman told the keyboard to tell the computer to put it there; but she wanted it somewhere else.
her mind must have told her a lie.

down, down, down.... there's an algorithm for that.
somewhere in a cubicle there's a girl writing bigger and better lines of code...
to tell the cursor where to go- to the left or the right of a tab?
what if you happen to be smack dab in the middle?
it probably depends on where you were previously at. numbers flowing in and out to produce:
the answer.

left, down, right, up. HA! this algorithm is counter-intuitive
a pattern that should be cyclic is not--- so what!--- does the girl with the big processor know more than average?
she just stays at her desk working to build the next great algorithm- a mole, digging her tunnel into the mind of God.

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