From the segment on Wicca on the most recent episode of PBS' news show Religion & Ethics Newsweekly (emphasis mine):
MARCIA MONTENEGRO (Christian Answers for the New Age): All sorcery, or all manipulation of energy to bring about a desired end, which is basically casting spells, is condemned by God. It is all bad, it's wrong. You are seeking to manipulate energy or power that is the province of God.

(from a transcript at

You know, perhaps they're right. There's a group of people all over this nation that manipulate energy to get a desired result. They have some organization(s), but really have no leader. They often argue that the popular view of them is incorrect. They study hidden knowledge, and say that not everyone might understand it. Their books are filled with obscure symbols, and their discussions are difficult to follow. It is possible to find teachers and books almost all over the world. Who is group? Engineers, who apply science to produce a desired result, often by the manipulation and transformation of energy.

If I stopped here, you might think this was a simple screed against Christianity. But that really isn't my point. My point is that people don't think about what they are saying. Given that she was filmed in a lighted room and did not appear to be Amish in dress, I find it hard to believe that Ms. Montenegro does without electricity. But every time she flips a light switch, she is calling forth energy to illuminate for her. I suppose she could have said "all magical manipulation of energy", but even that is hard to nail down. She likely would have been better off removing the "manipulation of energy" bit. At least, her meaning would still be clear; I feel it would be clearer since I consider engineering a form of magic (Crowley, after all, described it as "The Art and Science of making changes to reality in conformance with Will").

Disclaimer: I know that not all those who call themselves Christian would agree with the statement I'm picking at, or (more likely) my interpretation of it.

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