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God has considerable power; the fact that one believes in God is irrelevant. For those of you reading who believe in God, this goes without saying. However, for those of you who are atheists, as am I, this matter takes consideration. Even though God supposedly doesn't exist, God is powerful for two reasons:

1) Myriads people obey God's "word" written in holy texts of numerous religions. the Catholic Church is still arguably the most powerful force in the world to this day. So while God itself may not have power, the concept of God has a great amount of it.

2) much of the world has an image of God in their mind and firmly believe in God's existing therefore he exists in people's minds to some extent. Because people believe in God, God exists, especially if you believe what you have read in one of my previous nodes: The Though Art God Theory by NDFA.

Hence, even though God may not exist, there is no denying that God posseses nearly "omnipotent" levels of power.
I'd just like to mention that this was my first cooled node!

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