Firstly, both are probably all-powerful. God is a 24/7 operation, though; while the Library o' Congress is only open during fairly-normal business hours. The LoC is only accessible to Americans, really; then again, God--the proper noun, not the generality--is accessible only to his Chosen Ones. If we ever figure out exactly who that is, it will make things a whole lot clearer.

Anyway, back to the point. God is all-knowing, and so is the Library, insofar as it matters. God is beautiful--so's the Library. God is Eternal, and the Library of Congress is not...then again, the Library has the advantage of being definitely a real, existing thing that we don't have to spend pages and pages pondering the possibility of.

You can talk to yourself in your head or out loud and, if you believe it, God will listen to you. That's kinda sweet.

However, if you call (202) 707-5000 you can talk straight at a Librarian and pretty much get an answer to just about any question you want. They're even polite. Now, God may know even more stuff, but he certainly isn't nearly as amiable about telling it to you. Hell--oops--there's not even a solid way to know if the answer you got was FROM God or not. And the Library will send you answers on letterhead if you but ask nicely. I don't know...there's the tendency to want God to win, largely because he's got the power and might and all that good shit on his side, but frankly, I think the Library of Congress outdoes him SO badly in terms of service that, well...

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