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Boston based band formed in 1995 and currently consisting of: vocalist Sully Erna, bassist Robbie Merrill, guitarist Tony Rombola and drummer Tommy Stewart.

Their debut album, recorded in 1996, was initially only able to find distribution through a Boston based record store chain called Newbury Comics. They were also lucky enough to make the rotation list at a local radio station with the strack "Keep Away." Soon the band, who recorded their album for less than $3K, were selling a thousand copies a week. In 1997 they signed with Republic Records.

In 1999, they toured with the Ozzfest and appeared at a white race riot called Woodstock '99.

Pressure from fascist music chains like Wal-mart forced the band to release "clean" versions of the CD. Lead singer Erna is a practicing Wiccan which alarmed many in the wife-beating hood-wearing Bible belt.

To recapture some of the charm of the first album, Godsmack recorded their follow-up Awake in a refurbished mill house in just six weeks.

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