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My cat sometimes goes into Godzilla mode, especially when there's blocks or a racetrack or something good to rampage on in the living room. During these times, he is formally referred to as the Meepasaur. He is not, however, the only one who has a Godzilla mode.

Life is pretty good about giving us rampageable situations now and then; in thoughtscapes they're just a short, chaotic summoning away. Line up some of your beliefs, grab a conflicting book and go to town.

That's the basis, but not the flesh, of Godzilla Mode. Yes, it basically involves target practice on any superfluous junk in your reality...but since your reality is all organized in your boxes in your mind, nothing is keeping you from using more than just mental tin cans. Out in Reality, no, you don't want to target practice with your AK and your Porsche. But in the head room, the concept is everything. And the better conceptualized your thoughts, impressions, beliefs or accidental conclusions are, the stronger they are. Go ahead and fire a Kant-rocket right at your most expensive moral theme and see if it holds. If it doesn't, you now have something to rebuild. Godzilla mode is for the bored and the borderline; it can be a thing to do on a rainy day or a day-and-night obsession. Supposedly the end result of intense and prolonged Godzilla-mode will be one of two things: You will either blast everything all to hell, wrecking your real-i-scape and I assume, going insane or Republican; or you will somehow attain Enlightenment.

I always knew that the secret to everything was hidden somewhere in a Japanese flick.

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